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Hallquist & Associates was formed by Kris Hallquist, who is passionate about investigations and customer experience. We offer a variety of legal assistance services throughout the Denver Metro Area and the Colorado Foothills.

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Hallquist & Associates is a woman owned business dedicated to providing the CO Foothills and Denver Metro area, the entire State of Colorado, and nationwide professional process service and private investigations. Our staff is highly trained and follows all industry standards for best practices. Our legal support services extend beyond service of process, but they are all backed by the same attention to detail. Our full line-up of services includes:

Process Service: Quick, reliable, and effective process service carried out by experienced process servers. Our process servers are trained to meet all industry standards and specialize in:

  • Summons - Confidential and punctual delivery of vital information.
  • Subpoena - Collection of worthy witnesses and information for each individual case.
  • Citations - Prompt notification and distribution.
  • Complaints - Claiming you legal rights in timely fashion, is as important to us as it is to you.

Court Filing: Timely preparation, review and filing of your documents complete with confirmations and status updates. We serve all court documents except warrants.

Document Retrieval: Speedy research, retrieval and delivery of the documents you need.

Bank Search: Comprehensive asset research to determine which assets an individual or business possesses.

Legal Courier Services: Secure, express delivery of your most important legal documents.

People Locate/Skip Tracing: Location of missing or hard-to-find persons using online searches or any other methods the case requires.

Private Investigations: Confidential and reliable searches carried out by experienced investigators.

Surveillance: Discreet, persistent surveillance performed by investigators who know precisely what to look for and what evidence to gather.

Public Search Record: Rapid location of the information you require through targeted searches of selected public records resources.

Background Check: In-depth examinations of the subject’s background to verify employment qualifications, check criminal backgrounds, investigate potential spouses, and more.

Asset Locates: We now provide asset locates and bank locates including bank accounts, signed records, mutual funds, IRAs, and more. Ask for more details about asset recovery.

Why Hire a Professional Private Investigator?

Professional private investigators are adept at analyzing a situation and finding the best starting point. From there, they rely on experience, knowledge and technology to uncover information and follow the trail of evidence wherever it leads. Investigators are trained in legally and ethically obtaining information which they present in a manner that is admissible in court.

Instead of trying to investigate on your own and risking legal trouble or other problems, or hiring an unqualified person, trust your investigation to a qualified, experienced professional.

If you decide to choose Hallquist and Associates to handle your case, we will consult with you to learn more about the situation. Any information you can provide will give our investigator a good idea of where to begin. As the case progresses, we will provide you with detailed status updates to let you know what is happening. At the conclusion of the case, our investigator will present you with a report that contains relevant information and evidence obtained during the investigation.

Why Hire a Professional Process Server?

Professional process servers locate the individual named on your legal document (subpoena, summons and complaints, notice, etc.), travel to that person to deliver the documents, verify the person's identity before handing over the papers, and then provide you with a signed proof of service. This proof of service - also called the affidavit of service - details the time, date and location of the service of process, and the subject's name. It is the document you can present in court to verify that successful service of process occurred.

Service of process must be carried out by a professional who understands the state laws, is well-versed on best practices and is licensed if required in that state. Any failure to follow legal procedures can result in legal issues for other parties in the court case, which is why you should leave service of process to a professional. At Hallquist and Associates, our experienced and knowledgeable process servers will do everything by the book and make it easy to demonstrate that our clients fairly notified the other parties of impending legal action.


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Our Services

  • Process Serving
  • Court Filing
  • Document Retrieval
  • Asset Search
  • Legal Courier Service
  • People Locate/Skip Tracing
  • Private Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Public Search Record
  • Background Check
  • Asset Locates

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